Welcome to FireForce

Have you ever stood by helplessly, watching something of indispensible value being destroyed by fire?  Effective fire protection is imperative to ease emotional stress and to save lives and property from the devastating effects of fire. 

Fire protection engineering is a distinct discipline, separate from other engineering fields. It applies science and engineering principles to protect people, their possessions and the environment from fire destruction. 

FireForce Fire Protection Engineers is a newly established company based in Luanda, Angola. Our company is bursting at the seams with experience and expertise and we are set on becoming one of the foremost fire protection service providers in Africa.

Our main purpose is to supply developers with resident skilled engineers to provide fire detection and protection solutions, including:

Fire Protection Services

These solutions set us apart from our competitors as we do not only offer clients advice and assistance to develop fire safety strategies, we also provide a one-stop point for products such as sprinklers, pumps, tanks, detectors, hose reels, hydrants, extinguishers and specialized fire protection components.

Fire protection engineering is largely practiced through the application of prescriptive codes and standards.  At FireForce, we comply and meet world-wide codes and standards and we adhere strictly to applicable laws and regulations.  

We have a refreshingly different approach because our company is all about people. Therefore, our employees are the best in the industry and total client satisfaction is non-negotiable.

Fire is a very common, unpredictable disaster, but we are familiar with, and understand the nature and characteristics of fire.  We combine fire engineering science with practical experience to offer you unrivalled fire protection engineering solutions.